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Talking about the main indicators and selection criteria of power adapter


At present, the power adapter adopts the national standard "GB4943-2001: Safety of Information Technology Equipment" and "GB8898-2001: Safety Requirements for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment" as its quality assessment standards, according to the different electronic and electrical equipments. The power adapters for information devices such as laptops and cellular phones should meet the requirements of GB4943. The power adapters for audio and video equipment such as language repeaters and walkmans should meet the requirements of GB8898. The main performance indicators specified in several standards are described below:

wall mount adapter

1, rated output current 2, rated output voltage

3, marking and instructions for use 4, power plug size 5, the risk of electric shock under normal working conditions

6, normal work fever 7, fault conditions 8, mechanical strength

Buy the charger correctly:

As the saying goes: Ironing still needs to be hard. When we buy a charger, we can't be cheap, so we can hide the safety hazard.

(1), purchase the products produced by regular manufacturers.

(2), purchase products with "CQC", "3C" or other certification marks.

(3), choose the original mobile phone charger for your mobile phone.

(4), look at the appearance of the charger, such as: the seam of the shell is neat and tidy.

Charger working environment:

(1), waterproof and moisture-proof. (Do not use the charger near a bathtub, washbasin, etc., or in a wet basement.)

(2), anti-cooling and heat release. (High temperatures shorten the life of the electronics and cause plastic parts to distort or melt. Undercooling can cause moisture inside the charger and damage the board.)

(3), anti-drop and shockproof. (Electronic component damage will burn the board, and the casing may be damaged due to electric shock.)

Do not plug or unplug the charger with wet hands as it may cause electric shock.

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